Weaving Series by Catherine Foster

Throughout my whole career the theme of weaving has intertwined with my  paintings, sculpture and beliefs driving my creative process. 

Even though I have explored many modalities of expressing myself throughout my career, weaving has been a common thread in nearly every piece of art I have created. Why has it had so much meaning to me?

Peace Weaving

Our lives are a golden woven tapestry. Each person's experience here on earth is a variety of threads of feelings, experiences, and emotions. We are all connected in this tapestry along threads of these varied qualities. Sometimes there ar vibrant colors that relate to what has happened our life experiences. Sometimes there are holes and loose threads and knots tha thave caused stress into the tapestry. But still we are connected in the golden fabric of life along with every plant,, rock, piece of sand, animal, insect etc. Included in this fabric are threads of various religions, politics and a variety of beliefs. It represents the ever evolving weaving in this golden blanke we call life on earth. 

Each of us has our own separate tapestry that is connected to the larger fabric of life. What happens for one of us is also  connected to the whole.  The threads are interlaced with an event, person and each associated with an emotion. It is these emotions that connect us together in body, mind and soul. We can travel on these threads to connect with everyone and everything for we are all one. 

My friend Anne Sano Keller expresses it very well in her book: " More than a And Whisper- One Woman's Journey Through Pain To Grace".  When I read her words I felt as though she had been reading my mind. Thank you Anne for expessing what is also in my heart.  I could not have expressed it better. 

The Flute Player


"Weaving  tapestry with threads of varied colors and textures creates a beautiful picture that tells an interesting story. Some of the threads are dark and rough, perhaps frightening, and often sad. They bring depth to my life's story. Others are light and silken, brilliantly colored, bringing, joy, love and light to the image. Some threads are short and only briefly used and some are lengthy, meandering throughout the whole picture, from one end to the other. Without each and every thread, the tapestry would be incompete." 

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