Raining Thoughts by Catherine Foster

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in your head? Thats where I have been for a few weeks now. Thinking too much and not opening up to what my heart is trying to tell me. 

"Raining Thoughts" is #3 in the Series "As Time Moves".  I am mired in thoughts of doubt, fear, death, confusion, worry,control, overwhelm, acceptance, etc., vs thoughts of faith, love, compassion, focus, laughter, joy, endless possibilities and more. 

" Raining Thoughts" by Catherine Foster is #3 in the Series "As Time Moves"  27"W x 37"Lx2"D  Silk Fibers/mixed media Sculptured face is cast paper.    

" Raining Thoughts" by Catherine Foster is #3 in the Series "As Time Moves"  27"W x 37"Lx2"D  Silk Fibers/mixed media Sculptured face is cast paper. 


How does an artist create with continual thoughts coming into their head. Why is it that as artists we often have to feel like we need to do the kind of artwork that family, friends, and the public believe we should create. What does it take for artists to just create and allow whatever wants to be created to come forth? 

Creating this piece is part of my transformation as an artist and human being.  Being honest and true to myself is priority.   Searching what my heart really wants to share in the world through meditation, prayer and listening.  The move from WA to Calif. has been such a huge transformation. A big part of me wants to be back in the comfort of the artwork that I designed and knew. Do we always as a people tend to want to go back to what we were used to creating?

Questions, questions, questions flood my mind and my heart.  

Working in the silk fiber is a great transition. I can only control the fiber so much which means that I have to let go and let the artwork be what it wants to be. That is very hard for most of us artists. In the past when I was stuck, I would pull out a totally new modality to experiment with. When I have done that it has always led me to something brand new and exciting. 

These pieces in this new Series "As Time Moves" seem crude and unfinished. But is life ever finished? Does life always expose itself in a finished way?  Or when we let go of what we think a creation in life is supposed to be, does the Universe know better than us what an outcome will be?  

I know! I am rambling right now. Writing the words that are coming directly from my heart is where I am at.  It is a very vulnerable place to be in.  Eventually, I know that I will find myself through this tunnel of thoughts. 

Creating art with metal and designing designs that were purely my own and not copied from anyone else was a special time in my life. It was also the first time in my long career that my artwork was truly accepted by the general public. Giving that up is a true lesson in believing in myself. 

Have you ever been in a place like this too? My intent is to learn from every experience and help others through with the creative process to find themselves. 

Thank you for listening!

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Catherine Foster

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