Catherine Foster Retiring from Metal Artwork!

When Change Happens- Do you let it stop you cold? Or do you follow your intuition and move ahead?


I am moving ahead in my life. With recent changes in the health of my husband, we can not continue to create the frames and the metal artwork.

Pictured below are the two last, except the Peace Kimono (large) that I have unfinished in the studio #148. There will no longer be any more kimonos like these.These are artworks that I developed and Fred, the engineer, designed the support system. It was so much fun to be doing this together as a team. 

Kimono #146 31"Lx30"Wx3"D

Kimono #148


The very last in the series that I will create will be another large one numbered #148. I am so excited to be doing the last in this series.  It has been an exciting adventure creating artwork in metal. I am so honored to have my work in hospitals, medical buildings, and private collections all over the world. 

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my artwork over the 40+years of my career. I am deeply grateful and thankful and hope you will continue to keep in touch as I serve to help guide people to find their creativity. 

Nothing ever stays the same right? So when change happens I move with the energy of that change. I am excited to be doing some heartfelt artwork, coaching and serving in the world in a new way. 

My husband Sold our house in Poulsbo WA and moved to Rio Vista CA to be closer to our children and other family.