In order to get as many artworks in silk for people to wrap themselves up in peace, I have started to wholesale my art with  Look me up on their site: under Catherine Foster Art Studio to purchase the art for people to"wrap themselves up in peace".

GO TO:, sign in as a buyer with a resale ID#and look for Catherine Foster Art Studio, scarves,or hand painted scarves. 

Why do I do wholesale? For me it seems to be the fastest and easiest way to get all my artwork out into the world. My goal is to spread the energy of peace for people to focus on and reflect being the peace they wish to feel and experience in their lives.  As a Reiki Master Healer, I put healing energy, peace, love and joy into every piece of art I create. The people who desire this energy are attracted to my art. How can it get better than this?

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Now offering large orders of scarves with wholesale sellers ID to groups for their members. Currently creating scarves for a woman's group in Calif.for their convention in 2018. 

Request information- Contact Catherine Foster here for your information and requirements to make your orders today. Click here:

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