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I have been starting out with silk scarves with world languages of peace on them. The Plan is to create more items for people to wrap themselves in peace. The project is about bringing more conscious awareness to being the peace we would like to experience in the world. 

Coming soon: Banners of Peace.

Be sure to come back often to see how the Peace Prevails Project is developing. 

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1. Help promote the project to churches, peace groups and people who believe in the creative process and helping to keep artists do what they are good at.

2. Giving goods that can be used in the project. Just contact Catherine to see what she needs.

3. Send this letter below to people you know who also strive to make a difference in the world:

“I know that within my heart and soul peace prevails and is spoken in many languages” — Catherine Foster

Dear  ( patron of the arts and people who love to support the arts)

I am excited to let you know about my “Peace Prevails Project.”  It is my intent to include you in my creative process to collaborate and support this project.

Our words and thoughts are powerful. Using the words “Peace Prevails” puts this affirmation in the present time. The Peace Prevails Project is about wrapping ourselves in peace. What we focus on is what we experience in our lives. The project incorporates words of peace in many languages around the world to help bring conscious awareness to being the peace we desire.


My husband Fred and I moved 3 years ago from Washington State back to California. Writing the e-book, “Where Is Gloria?” The Maiden of Peace and the Peace Prevails Project, brought closure working in metal. The passion I felt for the project is the same now painting on luminous silk. These include artworks to hang on walls, 3D art, wearable art, banners and more as a reminder to be the peace we desire to experience in our lives.



How can you help evolve the Peace Prevails Project?






How can you help keep the Peace Prevails Project moving ahead?

The baby steps of creating the Peace Prevails Project in painting on Silk.

The baby steps of creating the Peace Prevails Project in painting on Silk.