Silk Fiber/Silk Fusion/Scuplture

Series: As Time Moves

Born Once Again


"Born Once Again"   Silk Fusion Sculpture- 30"Wx 43"Lx2"D

#1 in the Series "As Time Moves" by Catherine Foster

Mixed media silk fibers with paper sculptured face and tree.piece.  I love to combine many different modalities into my artwork. It gives me a challenge that I mentally enjoy. 

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"Listening"  26"W x 35"L x 2"D  Silk Fusion with Paper Sculpture

#2 in the Series "As Time Moves" by Catherine Foster

As I follow what is personally happening in my life experience, this piece emerged. Not as I thought it would be, but is a perfect. I love weaving energy in my artwork. 

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Raining Thoughts


" Raining Thoughts" by Catherine Foster is

#3 in the Series "As Time Moves"

  27"W x 37"L x 2"D  Silk Fibers/mixed media Sculptured face is cast paper. 

Sometimes the artwork that comes through is so different than I think it will be! This often occurs in artists lives. It is about accepting and honoring the creative process.  I believe in being in the moment and trusting the process. 

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