New Works:

Murals on metal sheets. These can be framed and/or hung on a wall as a mural by gluing to a wall or 4 corners screwed into a wall. 

The intent of this new artwork is to provide murals to corporations, businesses, medical buildings, homes. When I paint the murals in my studio on the metal sheets, it is less invasive to the client. I used to create murals where I went into a business or home. Benefits of having me, Catherine Foster, create your mural/painting in my studio: to do the murals in an easier way for both the client and for me the artist:

A. Less invasive and easier for both the client and for me, the artist:

B. Creating murals can be messy. Often I would have to work around when the client would be home or their business was open. If there were customers or people also in their space, there could be accidents with paint.  Doing the murals in my home, I can control any activity around the space while I am working. 

C. I often wake early in the morning. Doing the artwork in my studio means that if I wake up at 4am, I can go out into the studio and paint thus creating your mural in less time. 

D. I needed to travel to the location to paint the mural and need to charge for my travel time and gas.

E. By working on panels of the same size, the client can have a small or a very large mural created easily and  less cost to the clients.

D. In addition shipping of the murals on the metal is cost effective.  


KOI POND- 3'x3' Acrylic on Metal Sheet.